Wednesday, 19 December 2012

SS - competitors

I've been looking into the competitors and influences Shaun has left with me to research. There is some good stuff and the majority of it is very minimal which is something Shaun is going for. The creative challenge with being minimal is saying a lot with not very much.

Jil Sanders.

Raf Simons.
Very interesting and avant gard website. His approach is quite impactive and unconventional as well as minimal. The design work incorporates concept videos and music as well as the collections.


Comme Des Garçons.
Very unusual website for this one. The navigation is difficult to understand and its not very user friendly. It's more of an art compilation and mood site than an actual exhibition of fashion. From my understanding of fashion and through discussions with Shaun and Paul Luke I've learnt that there is more to fashion design than just creating clothes and designing them. It's a lot about aesthetics and trends which are influenced from a number of different things world wide. Trends are also predicted and foreseen based on sociology, economics, ecology, politics and psychology.

Dover Street Market.
This website actually has all of Comme Des Garçons collections.